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Losing Halloween is spookier than the day itself

Editor: A headline in your Oct. 18 edition, "Some parents protest schools' spooking festivities," just won me a free cup of coffee at my place of work. One week ago I had bet a coffee with my co-workers that just like last Halloween, the religious bigots would try to put an end to the fun and games our children enjoy on that day. Last year, one school principal banned that fun day from his school on the grounds that "Halloween is a time for Satan to be worshiped, and as a Christian ..." he could not condone it in his school.

From my childhood (more than 30 years ago) until now, I know of not one child (unless he or she is brainwashed) who believes that Halloween is a day to worship Satan.

I also noticed the picture just under the headlines of "protesting parents" was captioned "Decked out for Halloween." The picture shows three ladies dressed in costumes. One looks as if it is a big bird, the next is in a genie outfit, and the last is ... is ... oh no! Satan! The Devil! A demon! Well! We'll have to call those protesting parents and have them protest the Fall Fun Fest sponsored by the Pasco County Elderly Nutrition Program, along with all our children's way of having fun on that spooky day, Halloween.

Ron Ciro

New Port Richey

Halloween isn't evil, but clean fun

Editor: I terribly resent Mary Davis forcing her beliefs onto those of us who don't feel the same way about Halloween as she does.

Just because I let my boys partake of the Halloween festivities does not mean I am "desensitizing them to evil." I am a good parent. I teach my children values. I take them to church. I teach them how to respect others' feelings and thoughts. I in no way promote gore or violence, nor do I promote satanic rituals.

Mrs. Davis has a right to her belief but not to force it on the School Board. It is people such as her who put these thoughts in our children's heads.

My husband, Mark Beal, works at the New Port Richey Recreation Center. Every year on Halloween he has a Halloween party at Sims Park. They have games, pony rides, the moon walk and a Halloween contest. There are treats and fun for all at no charge. They do not promote gore and violence _ or satanic rituals, just good, clean fun.

I do agree there are costumes nowadays that children don't need to be wearing, but that is where parental supervision and guidance comes in.

My son also goes to Richey Fundamental Elementary. Last year I helped at the Halloween party. The children dressed up, had a parade down Madison Street to Richey Manor Nursing Home, where the residents had a party for the children. By the looks on the faces of those children and the residents of the home, fun was had by all. I feel safe to say no one had evil thoughts on his or her mind. My son was not scared, nor did this make him believe in witches and ghosts. He had fun and truly enjoyed himself.

Please, Mrs. Davis, keep your beliefs in your family, and I'll do the same. Let our children have fun, even if you choose not to believe in it.

Tammy Beal

New Port Richey

Utility's charge is just another tax

Editor: Re: Telephone utility tax, water and sewer.

A rose is a rose; a tax is a tax.

Now, it is 7 percent, collected by GTE. We lucky residents of New Port Richey are now being told we will be paying a tax in 1991 of 7 percent collected monthly by our progressive, innovative city council to GTE.

The story says, "A utility tax such as that approved by the City Council will allow the city to gather revenue from both businesses and residents in the city including those that currently do not pay (property tax)." This tax is to be levied on local service and on inter-state calls.

Forgive me, but I can't remember GTE doing my bookkeeping. No charge? What's GTE's cut? Interest? How, who, what and where does the money go for the month that is being withheld? Using this method you are asking for prepayment of tax, as you are likening it to property tax.

With normal taxation the money would be in our pocket to spend or save as we choose. And who does not pay any property tax? Renters? No, it is in their rent. Mobile homes _ tag system. People whose home value falls under the Florida Homestead exemption, $25,000 and assessment value.

Well, people in New Port Richey land, it is all legal.

But, do you want to pay still another tax? What is this going to do to the businessman?

Sharon C. Titgemeyer

New Port Richey

Ban smoking in nursing homes

Editor: I have many occasions to visit the hospitals. I was so happy to hear that smoking anywhere in the hospital is banned, by the patients, visitors, doctors, nurses and all who work there.

Now, please see what can be done about nursing homes. In certain places the patients are allowed to smoke, and I wonder what will happen if ashes fell on their robes while they are in their wheelchairs. This should apply to the nurses, nurses aides and volunteers and anyone who works there, even the men who come in the fix things. Keep people safe.

Rita Slowensky

New Port Richey

Anti-rape group seeks members

Editor: 03 04 18 21 44 79.

Sounds like a winning Lotto ticket _ doesn't it? If these numbers are drawn any Saturday night, a lucky person's life might be changed forever. Unfortunately, these are not the lucky numbers for some people of Florida. These are the ages of local recent rape victims whose lives have definitely been changed forever.

These victims have to live for the rest of their lives with an inner torment because of a cruel and violent act committed on them. Each week more and more innocent people are becoming victims of rape. No one is safe! Regardless of age.

We, as citizens, are outraged by all of these crimes, and (Enraged People Against Rape) EPAR extends an invitation for all of the community to join us to fight rape through stronger legislation. Become a member of EPAR on Nov. 5, 1990, at the Peoples State Bank on U.S. 19 and Main Street at 7 p.m.

No one can imagine the human misery caused by the crime of rape. To that end, a rape victim has agreed to come forward to tell of her experience at this meeting. Come and give support. We need your help. We really mean you!

Judi Barrett

Executive director and founder

Charlotte Vita

Director of communications and publicity

Enraged People Against Rape

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