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Megamouth shark released back into sea

After more than a day in captivity, a mysterious species of shark described as a "living fossil" slipped back into the sea Monday after elated researchers videotaped it underwater and implanted radio transmitters to track its movements. The 15-foot-long megamouth shark is the first to survive after being brought to shore, and the only one in the world ever to be filmed and studied alive, authorities said. Caught accidentally in a fisherman's gill net, the bronze-colored fish with a cavernous jaw and bulbous head seemed healthy and strong when it was released.Trial about cleanup of Love Canal to begin

BUFFALO, N.Y. _ Twelve years after toxic waste bubbling out of the ground forced the evacuation of Love Canal, the government and the company that dumped the waste are going to court today to begin dividing up the bill. As much as $700-million is at stake for Occidental Chemical Corp. and four levels of government: the city of Niagara Falls, its School Board, New York state and the federal government. The non-jury trial is expected to last more than two years.

Elsewhere . . .

HARTFORD, Conn. _ A coalition of political and business leaders is asking the entire state of Connecticut to stop everything from 10:55 a.m. to 11 a.m. Thursday to consider the drug problem.

HOUSTON _ A former church secretary who is seeking $11-million from the Catholic Church testified Tuesday that a priest refused to counsel her about her marital problems unless she had sex with him first. Debbie McCorvey, 34, is suing the Catholic Diocese of Galveston-Houston because they allowed then-priest Fernando Noe Guzman to remain a priest six months after he was caught molesting a 13-year-old girl.