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"Simone' played backward is . . .

Who, or what, is "simone"? The question arose after Sen. Claiborne Pell's full-time special assistant on the supernatural, C. B. Scott Jones, sent a letter to Defense Secretary Dick Cheney cautioning that the word "simone" appeared repeatedly when tapes of speeches on the Persian Gulf crisis by President Bush, Cheney and Secretary of State James Baker were played backward.

"I mention this situation in case it is a code word that would not be in the national interest to be known," Jones wrote to Cheney.

People at the Pentagon said the word didn't mean anything special.

To find what word played backward might yield "simone," the Journal-Bulletin of Providence, R.I., enlisted the help of a radio news director. The newspaper asked Chris Camp of WPRO to speak the word into a tape recorder at the station.

Played backward, Camp reported, "simone" sounds like "enormous."

_ Providence Journal-Bulletin