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Man arrested in case of spouse abuse, assault

A 26-year-old Staten Island, N.Y., man was arrested early Wednesday morning and charged with spouse abuse and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he allegedly slapped his wife, then stabbed another man who tried to intervene. According to the police report, Joseph Neeley, his wife, Joan, 34, and another couple had returned home from a bar.

Neeley began to slap his wife, the report said, and when Chester Brockelbank tried to protect Neeley's wife, Neeley stabbed him with a 6-inch kitchen knife.

According to the report, Neeley admitted smoking crack cocaine and consuming a large amount of beer Tuesday night, but he denied stabbing Brockelbank, who suffered a 1-inch puncture wound on the inside of his right shoulder.

Brockelbank was treated at HCA/Oak Hill Hospital and released. Neeley was released from the Hernando County Jail Wednesday after posting $5,500 bail.