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Time for tales of T-Day terror

In the kitchen, Thanksgiving can be scarier than Halloween. Every cook has a nightmarish memory of a holiday that turned into a real turkey. The Pilgrims probably had trouble following recipes for corn and squash, and your own first Thanksgiving may have been worse. you invited your family and hers over, thinking an 8-pound turkey would feed eight? You bought a frozen turkey Wednesday night and couldn't thaw it with a bow-torch. The gravy came out like wallpaper paste, the acorn squash was harder than the biscuits, and the pumpkin pie runneth over and set off the smoke alarm.

Or the first time it was just you and the kids and you still cooked for 20? Or you got caught up watching the game and accidently invented blackened turkey? And the year the dog ran away with the bone before you carved?

We'll print your best turkey horror stories to give other cooks advice and courage and the solace of knowing that you lived through it to cook again another Thanksgiving.

Send your brief tales of woe to "T-Day Disasters," c/o St. Petersburg Times, Food Section, P.O. Box 1121, St. Petersburg, Fla. 33731.

Deadline is Nov. 6.