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USF officials decide not to freeze admissions

University of South Florida (USF) officials have decided against freezing next semester's enrollment as one way of dealing with midyear budget cuts. That means students still waiting to hear whether they will be admitted for the January semester will have the same chance as usual. The deadline for applications is Monday.

USF officials considered freezing admissions early to reduce the class shortages expected with the budget cuts, university spokesman Mark Lono said. Because of a statewide budget crunch, all universities were asked to cut 2.5 percent from the budgets after the academic year had begun.

But at a staff meeting Wednesday, USF president Francis Borkowski was told that 70 percent of the new students who might be expected to enroll in January already had been accepted.

And because state universities are required to take every community college graduate who wants to come _ the largest group of mid-year applicants _ it would be hard to freeze out so many people.

Also, the enrollment freeze would have been "an unnecessary burden on our student market," Lono said.

One possible exception, Lono said, may be that the state Board of Regents will ask all universities to restrict out-of-state transfers at midyear. But that decision hasn't been made.