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Veto propositions to increase millage

Editor: On the November ballot there will be two items that will present to you and me some real razzle-dazzle financing. They involve one-half mill (50 cents per 1,000 of assessed value.) These are for propositions 1, parks and recreation, and 4, juvenile welfare systems. At first glance this looks like a real inexpensive way to get the money from you and me with little pain. But take another look. This package is based on the assessed values as of July 1990 _ $2,936,185,276 _ which will generate about $1,500,000 this year. As those who propose this say, for a $50,000 home, $12.50, for a $75,000 home, $25, and for a $100,000 home with $25,000 exemption, $37.50.

But ask yourself what happens next year when your values appreciate? The numbers we have been quoted do not remain constant, they change.

With the increase we can expect next year, the take will climb to perhaps $2,000,000 or more. What do we think will happen with the $12.50, $25 and $37.50? These too will rise, depending on the increases in the value of your home and mine. Thousands of dollars in each year's "fair market value of your home."

Needless to say, this will provide a super escalator fund that will grow each year and provide "tons of money" from your tax burden and mine. The most important aspect of this bonanza is that these tax monies do not count in the Florida mill cap of 10. This could live to haunt us for many years down the road if we approve these items.

I will not give you the pros and cons of these items, but I will say unless you are wealthy and do not care, heed my warning. As a poor man, be smart and vote no on both propositions 1 and 4. Save your money for hard times ahead.

Folke Erickson

Spring Hill

Air Festival is big hit with Spring Hill couple

Editor: Our congratulations to Len Tria and all the people who worked so hard and so long to make the Air Festival a success. You are to be commended for all your efforts.

Sure, there were things that could be improved. But for a first attempt at such a major production, you did a great job. We had a fantastic time!

Lee and Rita Jean Vezzoni

Spring Hill

Money found for street work raises questions

Editor: Life is full of surprises.

Fifteen years ago the streets of Hernando Beach were torn up and only partly replaced. Now, less than three weeks after an election that removed two incumbent county commissioners, Commissioner John Richardson has found funds to repair Hernando Beach streets.

Sounds strangely like someone woke up and smelled the coffee.

Roland J. Olsberg

Hernando Beach

Details needed before saying "yes' to park tax

Editor: Park improvements probably are needed, but where are the plans, schedules and costs? Where are the public hearings? What's the hurry? Shouldn't this be done right?

Why are taxpayers asked to pay interest on long-term bonds? Couldn't this be financed on a pay-as-you-go-basis? Impact fees and taxes (or an assessment per lot) should generate several million dollars per year. Isn't that enough?

Since there are so many unanswered questions, more homework appears to be in order. Taxpayers are urged to vote no on the parks tax at this time.

Mike Parks

Spring Hill