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Canada liberalizes immigration rules

Published Oct. 18, 2005

OTTAWA _ Canada announced a plan Thursday to substantially boost immigration over the next five years while liberalizing rules to attract skilled workers to help fill critical shortages. Immigration Minister Barbara McDougall said immigration would increase to 250,000 people a year by 1992 from 220,000 in 1991 and 200,000 this year. Ethnic groups immediately praised the increase, saying the government is moving toward their demand to increase immigration to roughly equal to 1 percent of Canada's population of 26-million. In the future there will be greater emphasis on attracting skilled workers to accommodate labor shortages in certain regions.Former police chief arrested in Panama

PANAMA CITY, Panama _ A former Panamanian police chief accused of leading a coup attempt against President Guillermo Endara was arrested Thursday for crimes against the state, authorities said. Col. Eduardo Herrera was arrested at police headquarters a day after he was brought in for questioning, according to a statement from Attorney General Rogelio Cruz. The statement provided no details, except to say that Herrera had been formally charged with crimes "against the internal character of the state." Herrera, who returned here from Peru on Wednesday.

Six arrested, accused in IRA bomb attacks

DUBLIN, Ireland _ Irish police arrested six men after IRA "human bomb" attacks in Northern Ireland and charged them Thursday with membership in the outlawed guerrilla group. They were arrested in the border county of Donegal after the Irish Republican Army killed six British soldiers and a civilian who was forced to drive a car full of explosives to an army checkpoint in British-ruled Northern Ireland. The six, arrested under Ireland's anti-terrorist laws, included four men from Londonderry, scene of the bloodiest blast in the IRA's three-pronged attack against the British Army on Wednesday.

Elsewhere . . .

CHICAGO _ A federal appeals court has ordered an art dealer to return four 6th-century Byzantine mosaics stripped from a Cyprus church after Turkey's 1974 invasion of the Mediterranean island. The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday upheld an Indiana court's August 1989 ruling ordering dealer Peg Goldberg of the Indianapolis suburb of Carmel to return the valuable religious artwork to Cyprus.

WASHINGTON _ Sudan is continuing to block distribution of international food deliveries, endangering as many as 11-million Sudanese, U.S. relief officials said Thursday. Administration officials, testifying before the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Africa, said Sudan's military government refused to recognize the danger and has derailed a U.S.-led rescue under U.N. auspices that would have saved many Sudanese from hunger.