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Holy Boy Wonder! New Robin to debut

Rest easy, Gothamites, Batman has a new Robin. The Caped Crusader, who saw his sidekick blown to bits by the Joker two years ago, has found somebody to fill the Boy Wonder's shoes _ although the footwear and the rest of his outfit are new. Tim Drake, who turned up at stately Wayne Manor one year ago, is now Robin No.

3. Drake joins Bruce Wayne's alter-ego this month in Batman comic No.

457, where he manages to rescue Batman and Vicki Vale from the clutches of the psychotic Scarecrow.

The third Robin, you say? Yes. The original, of course, was Dick Grayson, who now works as a solo superhero called Nightwing. His successor, Jason Todd, was murdered in Batman No.

428, an episode called "A Death in the Family."

Like his predecessors, Drake is an orphan taken in by millionaire Wayne. "I think it's part of the job description," said DC Comics spokeswoman Martha Thomases.

Drake _ who used his powers of deduction to figure out that Bruce and Batman were one and the same _ has been hanging around the Batcave for the past year handling the more mundane aspects of crime fighting. But the folks at DC Comics decided the time was right for a replacement Robin, and Drake _ holy sidekick, Batman! _ has stepped in.

On Nov. 10, we'll know who killed Laura Palmer

The murder of high school student Laura Palmer will be revealed on the Nov. 10 episode of Twin Peaks, ABC announced Thursday.

The network is mum on the details of prime-time's most notorious unsolved mystery, only adding that FBI Agent Dale Cooper and Sheriff Harry S. Truman crack the case after help from the one-armed man.

Palmer's body was found washed ashore, wrapped in plastic, on the April 8 premiere episode of the eerie soap opera, which airs locally at 10 p.m. Saturdays on WTSP-Ch.

10 and WWSB-Ch.

40. Unlike on most network programs, her murder has remained unsolved, which has frustrated (and enticed) most Twin Peaks devotees.

Et cetera

Police sold Bjorn Borg's villa at a forced auction Thursday after the former tennis star failed to pay more than $3.75-million in debts, Sweden's TT news agency reported. The three-story villa in the Stockholm suburb of Nacka fetched $1.9-million from Lars Nilsson, a hotel owner from southern Sweden who said he would use it as a summer house.

Canadian singer Gordon Lightfoot sent a check for $2,500 after a Superior, Wis., group raising funds for a new hockey arena asked for an autographed item for a celebrity auction. Superior made Lightfoot an honorary citizen when he performed last year at nearby Duluth, Minn. The city was honoring Lightfoot for his song The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Residents of Superior died in 1975 on the ore-carrying ship.

Actress Bo Derek and her producer-director husband, John Derek, stopped at the White House on Thursday and got a tour of the grounds from President Bush. The actress was in town for the Washington International Horse Show, according to the White House press office. "She called and wanted to see the White House," said spokeswoman Alixe Glen.

Nancy and Ann Wilson of the rock group Heart plan a Dec. 8 concert to raise money for environmental groups working to preserve Puget Sound, an area they say is threatened by pollution and other environmental hazards. The sisters, who grew up in the Seattle area, say they want the proceeds from "Puget Sound Live" to benefit wildlife species threatened by the area's booming population.