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The Mullet Rappers get down

Yo! Guv Martinez and Sheriff Navarro _ Here's free advice that you can borrow:

Governors and sheriffs should spend their time

Protecting us from really serious crime

Like murder, arson or kidnappin'

Instead of hasslin' three black guys rappin'.

Our mamas always told us the American Way

Was to let people say what they have to say.

Lots of rap music's full of sound and fury

But it didn't take long to convince a jury

That even if their lyrics are kinda filthy

2 Live Crew should be found not guilty.

When censorship starts, where does it stop?

Will we bar bebop and ban hip-hop?

How long will it be before you wanna

Throw the handcuffs on Madonna

And haul her sweet $% into court

Because her dresses are too short?

Will we turn on the radio one day soon

And get to hear nothing but Pat Boone?

Or Lawrence Welk or, ugh, Slim Whitman?

Some of us won't like that a bit, man.

Our opinion _ and we ain't dissin':

If you don't like it, then just don't listen

You tell us it's for our own protection

But we think it's for your re-election.

We'll admit we've heard a few rap lyrics

That leave us all with nasty earaches

But not many songs are as obscene as

Sheriff Nick and Guv Martinez.