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Actress comes under fire for political ads

Actress Angela Lansbury has come under fire for appearing in political advertisements opposing term limits for state officials, with supporters of the initiatives calling the ads, "Distortions, She Wrote." The star of CBS-TV's Murder, She Wrote did not know that the ads were paid for by state legislators, her son said. In addition, she is unfamiliar with other provisions of the two propositions.

Commercials featuring the actress aired Tuesday. She did the ads at the request of an unidentified friend, said David Shaw, the actress' son and agent.

"She doesn't really read newspapers," Shaw said.

Miss Lansbury does feel strongly that politicians' terms should not be limited and has not asked that the ads be pulled, Shaw said. "She's not backing out of what she said," Shaw said.

KCBS-TV in Los Angeles pulled the ad Thursday until the dispute over whether to include mention in the ad of state legislators who helped pay for it was resolved, station officials said.

Proponents of Proposition 140 said the commercials incorrectly suggest that the measure would require public funding of campaigns.

Photographer suing actor

A free-lance photographer who says he was roughed up after John Goodman's wedding in New Orleans last year is suing the actor, three police officers and the city.

Russell Turiak of New York, in a federal lawsuit filed Thursday, said he was accosted by police officers when he tried to take pictures of the Goodmans as they left their wedding reception aboard the river boat Creole Queen.

Goodman, 37, married Annabeth Hartzog, a former University of New Orleans student and model.

The photographer claims an officer grabbed him in a choke hold and removed the film from his camera after threatening to kill him if he didn't give it up.

Losing the film cost Turiak money and damaged his professional reputation with the unnamed publications to which he promised photos, the suit said.

Turiak seeks unspecified damages.

Goodman, who plays Roseanne Barr's husband on the television show Roseanne, appeared in The Big Easy and Everybody's All-American, both filmed in the New Orleans area.

Et cetera . . .

Country singer George Jones was released from a Huntsville, Ala., hospital, where he was being treated since Monday for a respiratory infection.

Los Angeles audiences will get a first look this weekend at a tap dance choreographed by Gregory Hines and sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts.

The six-minute piece is called Toeing the 3rd and Fifth.