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Karen MarlerThe Pasco Times has recommended Democrat Jean Larkin for District 1 School Board in the Nov. 6 election. Her Republican opponent, Karen Marler, offers this reply:

I'd like to thank the Times for its belief in me as a positive force for the Pasco County School Board. I agree with the Times when it discussed my opponent's many hours of selfless volunteerism. I too admire her for this. I also have spent many hours doing volunteer work with children and in our community. Though I have served on many boards and committees, I choose to focus my attention on those areas where I can touch individual lives and give opportunities to those children who otherwise would not have them.

When discussing my candidacy, I always have stood not only on my voluntary services but most importantly on my qualifications:

Pasco County elementary educator.

Teacher of the Year, Pasco Elementary.

Florida Council on Social Studies _ Teacher of the Year, Pasco County.

Board of directors, small business.

Co-authored student curriculum.

Leadership team in managing productive schools.

Committee member, Southern Association of Schools and Colleges Accreditation Committee.

School Enhancement Institute.

Dade City Chamber of Commerce.

And many more . . .

My close ties in the community give me insight into the unique educational needs of District 1. My business background gives me insight into personnel, budgeting and facility. My strong background in education gives me insight into how policies are going to directly affect educators, parents and students in our system. It is for these reasons that I can offer a different perspective to the Pasco County School Board.