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Law would force owners to keep pets from breeding

Published Oct. 18, 2005

Allowing your cat or dog to breed would be banned under an ordinance proposed by a California humane society, which killed five cats and three dogs with fatal injections during a news conference to help launch its campaign for adoption of the law. The proposed law is an attempt to halt the overpopulation of unwanted pets, said Kim Sturla, executive director of the Peninsula Humane Society, which held the public killings Thursday. She said about 10,000 cats and dogs are put to death each year at the group's animal shelter.

It also began an advertising campaign in newspapers showing trash barrels filled with dead cats. The text accompanying the ads reads: "This is one Hell of a job. And we couldn't do it without you."

Under the law, it would be illegal to allow cats and dogs to produce a litter until there is zero pet population growth in the county. Violations could be punishable with fines up to $72.

The law is expected to come before county supervisors Nov. 13.