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Paper peeks at Castro secret life

Cubans may not know it, but a Soviet newspaper says President Fidel Castro has a wife with whom he has had five children, 32 houses and 9,700 bodyguards. This report about Castro's life appeared in Komsomolskaya Pravda, a Moscow newspaper. U.S. officials say the details apparently were leaked by officials who believe Moscow should loosen its ties to Havana.

Castro's life is a mystery to Cubans. They know he was married in the 1940s, had a son, Fidelito, and was divorced in the 1950s.

The newspaper says Castro's current wife works in the Cuban Institute of Oceanography and they have five sons. The sons studied in the Soviet Union, it said, and were raised by Cuban security agents.

The article said: "Fidel has 32 houses (state houses, of course) scattered around the whole country. In Havana, he has three houses and two underground bunkers, where, if need be, the commander in chief can hide with his retinue of 57 generals."

When Castro goes bathing or sailing on one of his three yachts, 122 divers "comb the sea bed inch by inch in search of underwater mines and traps," it added.