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Scavenger hunt ready to roll again

It could get interesting at the nearest Hardee's if 16 limousines pull into the parking lot one night next month. The passengers will be looking for the most expensive item on the menu, but they won't be hungry. The limousines and people in them are part of the Recreation and Parks Department's fourth annual scavenger hunt.

"It gets bigger every year," said Recreation Director Mary Nolen. "We've already got 16 teams signed up and five or six more on a waiting list."

Some of the teams are repeats from previous years, said Betty Caid, director of the city's Southwest Recreation Complex, where the scavenger hunt begins.

"They say they get a little better every year and expect to win this time," she said. Winning team members get gift certificates and free meals from businesses and shopping centers.

The game is played this way:

Teams of six people each are assigned to limousines. They have from 7 until 10 p.m. to find as many items as possible from a list of 100 supplied by the city's recreation staff. Items have different point values, with the hardest to find bringing the most points. Among the items that might be on the list are a radio station bumper sticker and the name of the most expensive thing on Hardee's menu.

The idea for the scavenger hunt came from a former employee who heard about it at a seminar. When Recreation and Parks Director Cathy Santa first proposed it to city commissioners, some deemed it frivolous and not worthy of staff members' time.

Santa said at the time that the game was designed to appeal to young adults who don't normally participate in Recreation and Parks Department activities.

Caid said Friday that most of the participants are young adults, although teen-agers and older people also participate.

The scavenger hunt is Nov. 16 at the Southwest Recreation Complex, 13120 Vonn Road.

Although this year's game is sold out, Caid said she is considering hiring more limousines to allow more people to participate. Those interested can call her at 587-6725. The cost is $25 per person.