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Bucs at ChargersTV/radio: 4 p.m., Ch.


1990 records: Tampa Bay 4-3, San Diego 2-5.

Game at a glance: Does the winner of this game get a rematch at the Cowboys (who are 3-0 against these two this year)? Bucs quarterback Chris Chandler gets to start against a fierce San Diego pass rush. The Bucs' defense has surrendered more first downs than anyone in the league, which could save quarterback Billy Joe Tolliver's job. Watch for Anthony Miller to try streaking down the left sideline about 23 times.

Shelton's pick: San Diego 24-9.

Dolphins at Colts

TV/radio: 1 p.m., Ch.


1990 records: Miami 5-1, Indianapolis 2-4.

Game at a glance: In the time that Eric Dickerson was gone, the Dolphins found a defense. Offensively, however, the Dolphins must start to move the ball again, and the return of guard Keith Sims should help. Without him, the team fell to an average of 2.6 yards per carry. It would help if Dolphin quarterback Dan Marino regained a bit of his touch, and if the Miami receivers tried holding on to a few more balls.

Shelton's pick: Miami 17-16.

Vikings at Packers

TV/radio: 1 p.m., Ch.


1990 records: Minnesota 1-5, Green Bay 2-4.

Game at a glance: The good news for Herschel Walker is that the Vikings will run a lot of plays from the I-formation today. The bad news is that Walker will alternate with Allen Rice. For the meantime, however, the pressure is off Rice and on Donald Igwebuike, who will handle the kicking for the Vikings despite reports of impending indictment. The Packers will try to counter with Don Majkowski's passing and a plodding running game.

Shelton's pick: Minnesota 20-17.

Bears at Cardinals

1990 records: Chicago 5-1, Phoenix 2-4.

Game at a glance: The Cardinals deserved to beat the Giants last week, and they shellacked the Cowboys the week before. So pay attention: Joe Bugel may indeed turn things around. Unfortunately, he'll need more time before his team catches up to the Bears. Chicago has had a week to heal, which makes the Bears even more dangerous than usual. The Cardinals will have to be wonderful on defense _ and they've been pretty good lately _ to stay close. But how do you score on this defense?

Shelton's pick: Chicago 21-10.

Lions at Saints

1990 records: Both teams are 2-4.

Game at a glance: The Saints fared decently against the Oilers' run-and-shoot last week, which gives them hope against the Lions at home. But last week they wanted Houston to run; that isn't the case with Detroit and Barry Sanders. Both teams may show off their young quarterbacks. The Saints start Steve Walsh for the second game, and the Lions are hinting that Andre Ware may see extensive action today. New Orleans is tough to beat in the Superdome, but this could be a better game than you might think.

Shelton's pick: New Orleans 24-21.

Redskins at Giants

1990 records: Washington 4-2, New York 6-0.

Game at a glance: What do the Redskins have to do to beat the Giants? In their last meeting, Washington ran for 162 yards, held Lawrence Taylor to four tackles and no sacks and still lost at home. Why? Because the Giants hit the big plays and didn't beat themselves. Young Stan Humphries will have to raise his game a notch for the Redskins to pull off the upset. Still, it's hard to beat the Redskins for a sixth straight time.

Shelton's pick: Upset special: Washington 16-14.

Eagles at Cowboys

1990 records: Dallas 3-4, Philadelphia 2-4.

Game at a glance: Tampa Bay fans might not believe this, but the Cowboys are not a powerhouse. After beating the Bucs twice in three weeks, the Cowboys' shortcomings should be pointed out by Philadelphia. But the Eagles, too, are hurting on offense, so don't be surprised if it's close. Philadelphia, however, simply has too much defense for the Cowboys. Pay attention after the game, however, to see if Jimmy Johnson charges Buddy Ryan with putting out bounties on his players, as happened last year.

Shelton's pick: Philadelphia 20-13.

Browns at 49ers

1990 records: Cleveland 2-5, San Francisco 6-0.

Game at a glance: Don't worry about the result as much as the future of coach Bud Carson, whose tenure is on the ropes. San Francisco is actually getting better and last week finally showed some ability to run the ball. Add that to Joe Montana and Co., and it appears the only way the Browns can win is if they recover about two dozen fumbles and the 49ers fall apart. Cleveland simply lacks team speed, and its offensive line hasn't blocked anyone all season.

Shelton's pick: San Francisco 31-7.

Bills at Patriots

1990 records: Buffalo 5-1, New England 1-5.

Game at a glance: Steve Grogan ignored a doctor's advice not to play this game, which means that the doctor has seen the Patriots' line and he's seen Bills' defensive end Bruce Smith. The Patriots are going to need more than Grogan to upset the Bills, who have discovered that three straight fourth-period comebacks are great for team unity. Running back Thurman Thomas still has a sore ankle, but it's going to take a lot more than that for the Pats to stop the Bills. And Smith might stop the Patriots all by himself.

Shelton's pick: Buffalo 31-10.

Jets at Oilers

1990 records: New York 2-5, Houston 4-3.

Game at a glance: The Oilers finally won without Warren Moon posting big numbers last week, which was crucial. More and more teams are going to dare the Oilers to run the ball rather than let Moon face their base defense. But Jets cornerback Tony Stargell may be the rookie most likely to be nicknamed "Toast" this year, and he'll have to cover somebody. Besides, the Oilers hate Jets coach Bruce Coslet _ who ripped them last year _ almost as much as they hate Cincinnati coach Sam Wyche, his old boss.

Shelton's pick: Houston 34-24.

Bengals at Falcons

TV: 8 p.m., TNT.

1990 records: Cincinnati 5-2, Atlanta 2-4.

Game at a glance: Sam Wyche and Jerry Glanville meet for the first time after Wyche ran up the score in a 61-7 win over Glanville's Houston team last year. This year, both teams might score that many. No team has ever allowed more passing yardage through the first six games than Atlanta, which has surrendered 318.5 yards per game. But the Bengals, at 274.4, are second-worst this year. So look for Eddie Brown and Andre Rison to get into a match race.

Shelton's pick: Cincinnati 60-57.

Rams at Steelers

TV/radio: 9 p.m. Monday, Ch.


1990 records: Los Angeles 2-4, Pittsburgh 3-4.

Game at a glance: Both teams would like to feel they have righted themselves. The Rams won big last week, and the Steelers have finally found some offense. Both are a long way from being the teams they expected to be, however. Pittsburgh does have the league's fourth-ranked defense, however, and the top-rated pass defense. Whether that defense can withstand Jim Everett and his receivers will be the test to this one.

Shelton's pick: Los Angeles 24-23.