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Dolphins angry over nude TV report

Published Oct. 18, 2005

Dolphins coach Don Shula, team president Tim Robbie and some players' wives are angry over a local television broadcast that showed several nude and semi-nude players in the locker room after a game. WSVN-Channel 7, an independent station, aired a story Wednesday night showing the Dolphins' post-game locker room from a female reporter's viewpoint after an Oct. 18 NFL game against the New England Patriots.

The tape showed several players milling around nude before and after showering. The station opaqued the players' private parts, although legs, torso and arms were exposed.

One player _ cornerback Tim McKyer _ was shown from head to toe wearing nothing but a jockstrap. No opaque was used on McKyer.

"If they had told me they were using a long shot, I would have grabbed a towel or something to cover up. Now my phone has been ringing off the hook with women calling me," McKyer said.

Shula and Robbie said Friday that they were unhappy with the report, and Harvey Greene, the team's director of public relations, said he filed a complaint to the NFL office in New York.

"On the totem pole, women in the locker room is not very high as far as important issues to me," said linebacker John Offerdahl, who was one of the players shown nude except for the opaque screen.

"But when they bring cameras into a locker room, tape you naked from head to toe and run the video for everyone in Miami to see you, it becomes very upsetting to me, and it bothers me a lot."

Television and print reporters of both sexes are routinely allowed into the Dolphins' locker room after games as required by NFL policy, but most interviews are filmed from the neck or chest up as a matter of policy.

Channel 7 chose to use full-frame shots to give viewers an accurate feeling of what it's like to conduct interviews in the locker room.

The TV station's report comes in the wake of Boston Herald reporter Lisa Olson's charges of sexual harassment by several New England players, an incident that rekindled controversy over equal access in locker rooms.

The TV report angered some of the players' wives.

"I don't like the idea of other people seeing my husband naked even if there's a little screen to keep things rated R rather than X," said Nerea Jensen, the wife of receiver Jim Jensen. "The stations should be required to ask permission to film people like that and should have warned people."