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Female soldiers being harassed, woman says

George Warren says he is concerned more about what American rather than Iraqi troops might do to his daughter, a soldier deployed to the Persian Gulf. His concern is based on an Oct. 11 letter from Army Specialist Georgiana Warren that told of sexual harassment and reports of male soldiers raping female soldiers, although she gave no details of the latter allegation.

"The president says we're not over there for oil, but for human rights," her father Wednesday told the News Herald, a Panama City newspaper. "What are we doing over there if we can't even provide human rights for our own people."

His 27-year-old daughter has administrative duties and was deployed with a unit from Fort Hood, Texas. She was to have completed her four-year hitch in January but it was extended indefinitely when she was deployed as part of Operation Desert Shield.

"This place is horrible for females," Warren wrote from an unidentified port while waiting to be sent into the Saudi Arabian desert.

"There are separate showers and toilets, but still no privacy," she wrote. "In the warehouse, you have to get dressed under your blanket while 700 guys stare at you. There have already been a few rapes reported and a lot of sexual harassment. Even from officers."

No rapes have been reported in units deployed from Fort Hood, said Capt. Barbara Goodno of the Army's public affairs section.

But Goodno conceded sexual harassment remains a problem in the Army.

"Until we have significant change in society, of which the Army is a microcosm, it's probably something that commanders will have to address unit by unit," she said.

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