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Reader: Bucs offer nothing but excuses

Letters to the St. Petersburg Times sports department should be 150 words or less and include legibly printed name and address. Send mail to the St. Petersburg Times Sports Department, P.O. Box 1121, St. Petersburg, FL 33731. The Times reserves the right to edit letters in the interests of brevity and clarity.Reader: Bucs offer nothing but excuses

Ray Perkins is an offensive genius. The man will go down in NFL annals as the most brilliant offensive mind in the history of the league. The Buccaneers should change their name to the Tampa Bay Excuses because that's all we have heard from them for 15 years: excuses, excuses, excuses!

Gerald Waites,

St. Petersburg

Same old story! The Bucs' losses were due to numerous excuses such as fumbles, sacks, interceptions, penalties, missed field goals, lack of offense and defense. Being an 88-year-old sports follower, I foresee the Bucs will never play in the Super Bowl unless they receive 11 first-choice draft players!

William Myles,


Fetch McKay out of the bay. Keep Perkins behind the curtains!

David R. Bishop,

St. Petersburg

Reader wants dress code

for fans at football games

How revolting! I am referring to the photograph of the bare-chested bozos photographed on the sports page following the recent Dallas game. How disgusting to be seated next to this type of person! I think a dress code is long overdue for those attending both baseball and football games. Photographs of this type of fan project a very poor image for Tampa Bay. What's next? Topless females?

Kathy A. Moore,

New Port Richey

Why no single-day tickets

for Davis Cup matches?

Re: The upcoming Davis Cup. I understand the Dome will hold 27,000 people for the tennis tournament. No tennis tournament in the world has ever drawn this many people for one day. Why are there no one-day tickets? I know there are hundreds of people who are not tennis fans but would like to attend for one day, to see the Dome, and to support this great local event. I find it difficult to believe that the sponsors of the Davis Cup would rather have 10,000 empty seats, than sell one-day tickets. I believe this is a situation to be seriously considered.

Kay Scott,

St. Petersburg

USTA marketing director Susan Maguire says Davis Cup tickets have been sold for years as a multi-day package. Organizers view the three days of competition as a match. "We sell it as if you are buying a ticket to an event," Maguire said. A three-day ticket also insures a fan will be able to continue following the action, should play be stopped at midnight one night and continued the following morning. Davis Cup rules limit play to seven hours a day, unless an exception is granted.

Reader says reporting on

Notre Dame was biased

Staff writer John Romano left much to be desired by his biased reporting of the Miami-Notre Dame matchup. His reference to alleged infractions by Lou Holtz, which are unproven, while coach at Minnesota. A personal grudge by a former Notre Dame player which appears in Sports Illustrated, but not checked by the magazine as to its authenticity. A player disciplined for rules infraction, some for academic failures. Is this the way this reporter hypes a game? Reporting the results of the game he stressed what Miami failed to do, and not what the winner did. Why can't a reporter hide his personal feelings, not dig for mud which is not there and perform his work? He should have stayed at home.

George J. McGowan,

St. Petersburg

Times' coverage of FAMU

football is hit with reader

No one in this market has given the Florida A&M University Rattler football team more consistent and in-depth coverage than Times staff writer Eric T. Pate. His profile of FAMU quarterback Tony Ezell on Oct. 24 led me to believe that the Rattlers may have another pro prospect. Its nice to know we can count on Pate and the St. Petersburg Times to keep us informed as FAMU moves closer to winning the MEAC title.

Dayle Greene,


Mizell's "cheap shot' at

Marge Schott was unfair

Re: Hubert Mizell's column following the Reds' sweep: "


. the Cincinnati Reds seemed to juggle their future with buttery fingers in the early ownership days of cheapskate, silly, mutt-worshiping baseball amateur Marge Schott."

The paragraph should have been edited out. A very cheap shot _ Mrs. Schott didn't get the Reds handed to her. She had to fight.

Louise J. Burgers,

Port Richey

Athletics were a machine

that blew a fuse in Series

The sports writers were correct when saying the Oakland Athletics were like a machine. When some parts don't work correctly, they blow a fuse, and the entire machine shuts down.

Ray Mergel,

Port Richey