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Some fresh ideas for refrigerator and shower

Some products get dirty with age, but others help us keep clean. For years, we've tried to freshen our refrigerators by opening a box of baking soda and placing it inside. The only problem with this system is that most of us forget to change the baking soda when it loses its effectiveness.

That's probably why Panasonic developed its latest product, the Refrigerator Deodorizer. This item is best described as electronic odor-eating baking soda. In addition to ridding the fridge of odors, it automatically cleans the air as needed.

A sensor constantly sniffs the air inside the refrigerator. When an odor is detected, the Refrigerator Deodorizer's fan activates. It sucks in the smelly air and injects it with a dose of ozone, effectively decomposing the odor particles. Then, the rejuvenated air exits the unit. Under normal conditions, this unit keeps the air fresh by automatically operating for about one minute every half hour.

Panasonic's Refrigerator Deodorizer is sized similar to a box of baking soda, lasts six months on four C batteries and sells for $30. It is available from Service Merchandise mail order at (800) 251-1212 (Item No. 160AGA).

Another item that keeps us free from odors is the shower. Although most of us utilize the shower head that comes with our homes, there are some better units available in stores.

There are shower heads that massage, ones that include brushes and attachments and even models that have built-in lights, but the best this Gadget Guru has seen is Reon's all-directional, water-saving shower head.

At first glance, this shower head appears unique because of its shape. Instead of a bulb-like configuration, the Reon's head mechanism better resembles a short stack of pancakes. It is nearly 4 inches in diameter and features 127 holes, which provide a wide spray that can only be compared to a torrential rainstorm. It is also adjustable and offers a full 20 inches of height adjustment.

After using this unit, I have to call it the best shower head available today. I was extremely impressed with its ability to soak and rinse. This product is also a dream come true for those with low water pressure. Its water-saving design allows it to perform well under less-than-desirable conditions.

The Reon All Directional Showerhead is made of 100 percent brass and is available in chrome for $50, in an assortment of colors for $70 and in 23-karat gold, antique brass or polished brass for $120. For a dealer near you, call (800) 776-REON.

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