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Author sees more fun in '91

"Success surgery" for executives and "gourmet" ice will be all the rage next year, a forecaster predicts. Gourmet ice, which has caught on in Japan, is ice up to 10,000 years old that has been chipped from Alaskan ice floes and is valued for its purity.

Other trends to expect in 1991: a new appreciation of station wagons, more Italian fast-food franchises and a fashion tilt toward 1960s clothing styles _ hot pants, miniskirts and baggy jeans for women and garish ties and baggy pants for men.

Among the things losing favor in 1991 will be Japan-bashing and baseball doubleheaders, according to The American Forecaster 1991.

Author Kim Long says there will be a renewed emphasis on having fun in 1991.

"I think the '90s is going to be a fun decade," says Long, 41, who began writing the annual Forecaster in 1983. "Most people in the big Baby Boom age group will be in their 40s and 50s. They will have earned a living and raised families. I think that equates to a potential situation where people will look to do fun things, to worry less about what the neighbors think or families think."

But corporate America won't drop out altogether. Companies in 1991 will be streamlining their operations to remain competitive. Long looks for more workers to eat lunch at their desks.

More executives will turn to cosmetic surgery as a way to prop up their corporate image. Relatively small chins are in, Long says, "but a chinless look is unacceptable."