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Israel Cabinet backs report on shootings

Israel's Cabinet on Sunday endorsed a government commission's report on Palestinian unrest and fatal shootings by the police in the Old City of Jerusalem early this month. But opinion was divided on whether anyone should be disciplined over the incident. Several officials, led by Housing Minister Ariel Sharon, asserted that no one should be punished. Finance Minister Yitzhak Modai said that dismissing senior-level police officials criticized in the report would be an improper indication that Israel believed it had been at fault. But some other Cabinet ministers were known to have accepted the idea of disciplinary action in private. The Cabinet met as Palestinian workers were readmitted to Israel for the first time since Tuesday, and the police reported no violent incidents.More Hindus jailed

in violence in India

AYODHYA, India _ Police arrested thousands more Hindu pilgrims Sunday, including a member of a Hindu royal family, in an attempt to avoid more bloodshed in a dispute over a Moslem shrine in this town. The Hindu-Moslem conflict over the shrine claimed at least 96 lives in rioting last week and has jeopardized Prime Minister V.P. Singh's government. More than 60,000 people were arrested by Saturday as troops sealed off Ayodhya and the borders of Uttar Pradesh state from a swarm of Hindu pilgrims.

Hungarian leaders may cut gas hike

BUDAPEST, Hungary _ The government backed away from a 70 percent gasoline price increase Sunday after two days of crippling nationwide road and bridge blockades by protesting taxi and truck drivers. Industry and Trade Minister Peter Akos Bod told drivers the government was prepared to accept a 50 percent increase pending passage of a law that allows the market to set the price of gasoline. Bod said that if the legislation was not adopted, the original, higher price increase would again take effect.


BOGOTA, Colombia _ Colombian police have found the bullet-riddled bodies of 10 people kidnapped in the cocaine capital of Medellin, apparently victims of a war between powerful drug cartels, police reports said Sunday.

TBILISI, U.S.S.R. _ Voters in Soviet Georgia flocked to the polls Sunday for parliamentary elections expected to pave the way for the southern Soviet republic's independence. About 35 parties, most of them grouped into coalitions, were taking part in the contest, the first true multiparty elections in Soviet history.