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No Social Security from first marriage

At age 54 I am beginning to plan for retirement. I have worked for 21 years to this point. I was married to my first husband for 18 years, and he is 59. I have been married to my second husband for nine years. Will I be able to collect on either husband's Social Security? If so, at what age?

I have two grown children by my first husband. Will they be able to collect on their father's Social Security?

Thank you very much.


Response: You were married longer than the required 10 years before your divorce, but your remarriage prior to age 60 disqualifies you from collecting benefits on your first husband's work record.

You can, of course, receive wife's benefits on your current husband's work record when you reach age 62, assuming he worked long enough to be insured.

Your grown children would qualify for benefits on their fathers' work record only if they are disabled and their disability started before age 22.

Science experiments

playing vanishing act

In February my son paid for a one-year subscription to Things of Science as a gift to my grandson. The boy received a membership card, but has received only two monthly science experiments.

I wrote the company in May and again in August, but I never received a reply.

On Sept. 20 I wrote Action. As a result, my grandson received his third experiment. However, since the subscription started in April, there should have been seven experiments, and I know this last package was received only due to your efforts. The company realized a third party with clout was involved and sent it.

Is there any way I can get a refund or get the subscription extended to make up for the four missing months? Truthfully I have absolutely no faith in this company and would rather sever any connection.

Can you get some correspondence telling me what the company plans to do so at least I will have something in writing?

Ruth Tanen

Response: The Things of Science membership director called to apologize. There were some delays over the summer, he said, but the company is now back on schedule. Nevertheless, a full refund is being sent to your son.

Buyer feels stomped on

when shoes don't arrive

I ordered two pairs of shoes from Hill Brothers in April. The slippers were sent right away, but the company said it was out of the pumps.

I waited about six weeks and then asked for a refund ($29.99). My letter wasn't answered, but I got a card saying the order had been delayed because the shoes were not in stock.

Please help me get my money back.

K.C., Inverness

Response: You have Hill Brothers' refund check and an apology.

Anti-incumbent group

headquarters in Tampa

I understand Jack Gargan, head of THRO Inc. (Throw The Rascals Out) campaign, lives in Tampa. Will you please publish an address for him.

J.S. Lawson, Dunnellon

Response: Write to: THRO Inc., 4127 West Cypress St., Tampa 33607.


I wrote you on Sept. 27 concerning Mastergrip, a golf equipment company in California. Well, your letter to them must have gone to the right people because I received my golf gloves yesterday.

After ordering the gloves on March 23, I called the office four times, wrote six letters and finally wrote to Action. You did what no one else could do, and I appreciate it.

W.F.S., Inverness

Thank you for resolving my problem. I received The Naturals Kit from Max Factor today. After months of trying on my own, it arrived in less than 15 days after writing to you.

So great to have such good action.

Claire Hildum, Beverly Hills

I finally received my merchandise on Oct. 3 from L.S. Records. I had ordered the 42 all-time favorites by Christy Lane on compact discs in July, and although I wrote the company, the discs were never sent.

Sure appreciated your help.

Lucille Kimsey, Crystal River

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