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Over 40 arrested at Klan march

A march by a group of white supremacist Ku Klux Klan members through the nation's capital Sunday sparked violent demonstrations, and police said they had arrested over 40 protesters. Seven police officers and six demonstrators were slightly injured in clashes with anti-Klan activists and were sent to hospitals for treatment, police said. Hundreds of anti-Klan demonstrators, cut off by police from about 35 marching white supremacists, armed themselves with rocks and bottles and fought brief battles for three hours with baton-wielding police in anti-riot gear. The Klansmen, from North Carolina, marched under police protection for about a quarter of a mile from an area close to the Washington Monument to the U.S. Capitol."News' strikers to remain on line

NEW YORK _ Striking reporters and photographers at the Daily News decided Sunday to remain on the picket line despite questions over whether their walkout was properly called. "We're willing to give the strike more time," said reporter Paul LaRosa. "There's no point in going back now." The News published Friday, Saturday and Sunday editions despite the strike. Its Sunday edition was the only newspaper in town that didn't have the strike on its front page. At stake is the future of the 71-year-old daily, which has been in a financial tailspin for the past decade. The News has lost about $115-million and seen daily circulation slip by about 700,000 since 1980. A union contract expired in March, but no negotiations are in progress or planned. The News plans to replace the strikers with new, permanent employees.

Mormon radio host may lose job

SALT LAKE CITY _ The Mormon Tabernacle Choir's announcer, heard by millions nationwide on the group's radio show, has been placed on medical leave and could lose his job, a Mormon church official said. Sources at the station told Associated Press the leave for J. Spencer Kinard, 50, was prompted by allegations he lied about his relationship with a 24-year-old TV anchorwoman, Jennifer Howe. Choir president Wendell Smoot said Kinard is on medical leave but refused to comment on the alleged relationship. Howe, who is married, denies there's a relationship. Kinard, also married, won't comment on what he calls rumors.


YORK, S.C. _ A 15-year-old who was staging a haunted house hangman gag accidentally hanged himself at a private Halloween party, authorities said. The death of William Anthony Odom, a ninth-grader from Charlotte, N.C., was similar to that of a 17-year-old who staged a Halloween hangman stunt in Lakewood, N.J., a week ago.

BLYTHE, Calif. _ Suspected ringleaders were in isolation Sunday after a riot in which several hundred black and Hispanic inmates battled each other with rocks and weightlifting equipment. One inmate was in critical condition and about 800 inmates were confined in dormitory-style rooms, said officials of Chuckawalla Valley State Prison.