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Lottery ticket left as bar tip wins $25,000

Keith Thomlinson is used to getting pretty decent tips as a bartender at a restaurant near the Newport beaches, but it took a little luck to earn a $25,000 gratuity. Russell Clark, a frequent patron at the Greenhouse Inn and Restaurant just off Newport's First Beach, left Thomlinson an instant lottery ticket as a tip Wednesday.

When Thomlinson finally got around to scratching off the numbers on the instant "Baseball" game, he discovered he had won the $25,000 grand prize. After about $5,000 in federal taxes and $1,200 for the state, he carried home nearly $19,000.

Clark said he probably would use the $1,800 Thomlinson gave him to buy more lottery tickets. He said he likes to leave more than just a cash tip at restaurants. "It's just something I do," he said.

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