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No cry babies allowed

Published Oct. 18, 2005

Barbara Bush has reassured Americans that troublemakers such as Saddam Hussein won't make her husband cry. "He's not a cry-baby like me," she told Woman's Day, "and he'd never cry during a crisis." She said that the president is much more apt to cry over "touching, poignant things," such as the birth of a baby.Faceless celebrity pitches

Lear's magazine notes that Hollywood stars embarrassed to rent their faces for use in advertising are selling their voices instead. There's big money to be made in voice-overs for ads, and, says Sally Kellerman, "It's anonymous. It's behind the scenes. It's my private thing." Advertisers find that consumers like voices that are familiar. Some stars and products their voices have endorsed:

Colleen Dewhurst, Amtrak.

Gene Hackman, United Airlines.

Martin Sheen, Pepsi.

Eli Wallach, Toyota trucks.

Lauren Bacall, Welch's.

Jason Robards, Bell Atlantic.

James Earl Jones, Chrysler and Goodyear.

Kathleen Turner, Arrow shirts and Maxwell House coffee.

Sally Kellerman, General Motors, Volvo, Lee Jeans and Revlon.

F. Murray Abraham, Silkience, Xerox and Merrill Lynch.

Jimmy Stewart, Campbell Soup.

Alec Baldwin, JCPenney.

She said it

"I plan to draw upon my wide range of experiences to write the kind of novels I like to read _ stories rich in drama and glamorous backgrounds, with characters whose lives are filled with emotion and romance."

_ The literary aspirations of Ivana Trump, who has just signed with Pocket Books for the rights to publish her first two novels.

Grieving daughter

Mariette Hartley, whose career reached its zenith with a series of camera commercials she made with James Garner, reveals in her forthcoming autobiography that she was extremely depressed after her father killed himself, and she would "drunkenly squat in front of an open refrigerator, an open cupboard, drinking vodka and eating everything, including Purina Cat Chow." She says she's able to face her problems now.

_ LEAH GARCHIK, San Francisco Chronicle