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Suspect in child's death was fugitive

Three years ago in Hartford, Conn., Alcides Quiles was charged with raping a 6-year-old boy, leaving the child beaten bloody and unconscious in the snow. He was sentenced to 18 years in prison for that assault, plus attacks on two women. But in August, he went over a prison fence topped with razor wire.

He was free until Sunday.

Now the 27-year-old man is accused of raping and murdering a young girl found barely alive in a laundry bag under his bed. Joanna Noda, who would have been 2 years old Wednesday, died shortly after she was found.

On Monday, a judge ordered Quiles held without bail.

"To protect the community, you will remain in custody," Dade County Judge Murray Meyerson told Quiles. "No bond for you, Mr. Quiles."

Quiles, charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping and rape, dropped his head to the lectern.

Joanna disappeared Sunday morning, triggering a frantic search by neighbors and police.

Quiles watched the search from his doorway across from the Noda home and told her family that Joanna was bound to turn up, said her cousin Tanya Lopez.

"He said, "She's not in here. You can check if you want,"' said Tanya, who helped in the search. "And she was under the bed _ she was dead under the bed."

Joanna's father had apparently left open the yard gate when he hurried into the house to answer the telephone. The girl slipped out to chase a chicken down the street.

A woman told police that Quiles chased Joanna in an apparent attempt to keep her from running into the street, then took the girl's hand as if he were her father, according to the police report. After talking to the woman, investigators returned to question Quiles.

Quiles told police a bag they saw under his bed contained dirty laundry, but the officers decided to check it.

They found Joanna, barely alive. She was pronounced dead shortly afterward at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

"He took the police into his apartment not once, but twice," said Miami Detective Ronnie Ilhardt. "And he sat right there while they were looking. But when the body was found, he ran out the door."

Quiles was caught after a short chase.

Joanna's father, Rolando Noda, grabbed his shotgun and ran toward the squad car where Quiles sat handcuffed after his arrest, but an officer stopped him and convinced him to put the gun away.

"I was blind with rage," Noda said later.

Joanna's sister, Mary Cecilia Noda, 7, said she could not understand the death.

"I feel bad. I don't know, I just feel like doing something to that man for what he did to my sister," she said.

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