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Arrests hit 19 in drug raids

Raids conducted Monday night revealed four East Pasco bars as places where total strangers could buy drugs, state and county law officers say. By Tuesday morning the number of arrests had risen to 19, as a result of raids that closed three bars Monday night: Sol's Place (also known as Paul's Restaurant) outside Dade City, the Quaker Bar in Dade City and the Crystal in Zephyrhills, according to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.

Later that night, arrests were made at a fourth establishment, the Club 39 south of Zephyrhills. Owner Mike Leonard Barber, a former Pasco deputy and Dade City police officer, was charged with a total of eight drug and stolen property counts, and it was expected that his involvement would lead to the suspension of that bar's liquor license as well, Sheriff Jim Gillum said.

The bars were the scenes for the sale and use of drugs, activities for which the owners, as license-holders, were responsible, authorities said. Undercover officers were able to buy drugs on their first visits to some establishments.

It took visits over the last two months by a seven-member task force of the state Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco to make the cases. State officers, who are based in Tallahassee, could operate in the bars unrecognized, unlike many of the undercover Pasco sheriff's detectives.

Among those arrested, according to state and county reports:

Barber, 35, of 509 Wilson St. in Dade City was charged with sale and possession of marijuana, sale and possession of cocaine and four counts of dealing in stolen property. Barber was employed by the Pasco Sheriff's Office from 1981 to 1984 and later worked in the Dade City Police Department, sheriff's spokesman Jon Powers said.

Tommy Jay Cummings, 31, of 37182 Aussa Drive in Zephyrhills, was charged with a total of 14 counts of sale or possession of cocaine.

Michael Angelo Defulvio, 34, who gave his residence as the Grey Moss Inn in Dade City, was charged with a total of 11 counts involving sale of amphetamine, cocaine and marijuana.

Joey Strickland, 34, of 648 Collins St. in Dade City, was charged with a total of five drug counts.

Donnie Bailey of 516 Lowery Drive in Zephyrhills was charged with three counts each of sale and possession of cocaine.

Joe Cochrane, 24, of 38822 Whisperwood Drive in Zephyrhills, was charged with a total of eight marijuana and cocaine counts.

Darla M. Ennis, 24, of 304 S 11th St. in Dade City, was charged with a total of six marijuana and cocaine counts.

Twelve others were arrested on lesser charges.

_ Times staff writer Nancy Weil contributed to this report.