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Congress gets low environment grade

Published Oct. 18, 2005

The League of Conservation Voters says its analysis of key congressional votes shows many members of Congress turned out to be better at posing for Earth Day pictures last spring than at passing anti-pollution laws. "Earth Day was a lot of fun, but Congress has been a flop ever since," said Jim Maddy, executive director of the non-profit environmental organization. In its analysis of how members voted on eight critical votes in the House, the group found the average House member scored 54 percent _ down from 57 percent last year. On 12 key Senate votes, the average senator voted for the league's position 49 percent of the time _ down from 53 percent last year.Memorial architects say design changed

The architects of a Korean War veterans' memorial say the government allowed their subtle, prize-winning design to be turned into a "GI Joe battle scene" that glorifies war. Particularly galling to the architects is that the new version depicts at least one model soldier pulling the pin from a grenade, their attorney said last week. The original design did not depict soldiers in battle-ready positions. The architects are fighting to have the original design restored.

Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla., holds his first grandchild, Sara Glynn Logan, at his Capitol Hill home Sunday. Sarah was born Friday to Graham's daughter Gwen and his son-in-law Mark Logan.

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