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Pasco man knows about phone calls

Halloween is just another day for Fred Krueger. The real Fred Krueger, that is. Fred Anthony Krueger, an 82-year-old retired Penn Central railroad worker who has lived in New Port Richey for 15 years, said children used to call him several times a week when Freddy Krueger began stalking A Nightmare on Elm Street in movie theaters. But that no longer happens.

"I got some calls at 3 or 4 in the morning, someone out boozing around," Krueger said. "They wanted to know what I'm doing and things like that. None of them was ever smart. They never made any bad language.

"I said to one of them, "I'm Freddy Krueger, but I go to bed at midnight' and slammed the phone down."

Family members, including wife Rhoda and daughter Rhonda, who lives in Tampa, never call Krueger "Freddy," although he'd like them to. He said it sounds nicer.