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Rock singer accused of striking neighbor

Axl Rose, lead singer of the rock band Guns N' Roses, was arrested Tuesday after he was accused of striking a woman neighbor over the head with a wine bottle, police said. Rose, 28, apparently believed the woman, Gabriella Kantor, had called police after complaining of loud music in his home, police spokesman John Ashley said.

Rose was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and held at a police station for four hours before his manager secured his release on a bond of $5,000, Ashley said.

Rose confronted Kantor, 37, in the hallway between their apartments early Tuesday morning and threw her keys over a balcony, Ashley alleged. Rose then took a wine bottle Kantor was carrying, poured its contents over the floor and struck her with it, Ashley said.

Kantor was taken to a hospital for observation and released.

In an earlier incident, deputies went to Rose's apartment to ask him to turn down his stereo.

He later filed a complaint saying one deputy forced his way into the apartment while others tried to provoke him.

Guns N' Roses, based in Los Angeles, gained notoriety earlier this year after they made an obscenity-laced acceptance speech for a music award on television.

A Crystal-clear message

Country singer Crystal Gayle and 50 coughing schoolchildren stepped into a recording studio in Nashville, Tenn., to create a musical appeal to keep students from smoking.

Gayle and the Metro School Children's Chorus on Monday recorded a song called Don't Smoke as part of the Smoke Free Class of 2000, a national anti-smoking project. The song features a chorus of coughs.

Gayle, best known for the hit Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue, said she was glad to participate in the project, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association and the American Lung Association.

Copies of the song will be placed in kits containing information encouraging students not to smoke.

Singer sued for divorce

Jimmy Dean's wife of 40 years wants a divorce from the country music singer and sausage tycoon and is seeking $612,000 a year in support.

In papers filed in Superior Court in Hackensack, N.J., Mary Sue Dean accused her husband of having an affair with a country music singer, Donna Meade, 37.

Mrs. Dean, who still lives in the couple's home in Tenafly, claims her husband abandoned her in April, after she spent years helping him with his career and social obligations.

She said she needs the money to maintain the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed.

Accountants' estimates filed with the court show Dean earned almost $8-million in 1989 and has assets of more than $75-million.

Dean has offered his wife $120,000 per year, saying his career has always afforded the couple a "comfortable" lifestyle, not "opulent or extravagant."

Forever "A Chorus Line'

If eight dancers who played Cassie in A Chorus Line have their way, Broadway's longest-running show will have a permanent tribute in the lobby of the Shubert Theater.

Donna McKechnie, Ann Reinking, Vicki Frederick, Pamela Sousa, Cheryl Clark, Deborah Henry, Wanda Richert and Laurie Gamache are part of a committee announced Tuesday to raise money for a bronze sculpture honoring the musical.

The show closed in April after 6,137 performances over 15 years.

The committee hopes to raise between $35,000 and $50,000 for the sculpture, to be designed by Immi Storrs.

Two fans who saw the show a total of 70 times _ Gary Stevens and Alan George _ came up with the idea for the sculpture.

A big treat

First lady Barbara Bush and dog Millie greet trick-or-treaters from Langley Park Elementary School in Hyattsvillle, Md., at the White House on Tuesday.