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Toddler, babysitter sought by police

A babysitter with a history of child abduction has disappeared with a 21-month-old girl, a car and a credit card belonging to the child's family, police said. Tracy Lawler, 17, of North Port in Sarasota County had been a babysitter for the Tapprich family for about three months before she disappeared Saturday with the toddler, Morgan Lindsey Skiles.

Unbeknownst to the Tapprichs, Ms. Lawler had run away from home twice and taken her father's girlfriend's child out of the area at least three times, said North Port police Detective John Gaconi.

No charges were filed in those cases and that child was returned safely, police said.

Saturday's alleged abduction and thefts occurred while the baby's parents, Gregg and Laurel Tapprich, were at work. Morgan and her 7-year-old brother Ryan had been left in Ms. Lawler's care at the Tapprich home.

The children and sitter were discovered missing when Laurel Tapprich returned home just after midnight Sunday morning. Ryan was later found at Ms. Lawler's home.