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Another glitch found in ballots for absentees

When Virginia Winston received her absentee ballot, she looked for the referendum calling for the abolition of the Istachatta-Nobleton Recreation Board. The race was especially important to Winston because she is a member of that board. So she was more than a little surprised when she couldn't find the question on her ballot.

It was then that she realized that Hernando Supervisor of Elections Dianne Hysell had made yet another mistake.

Hysell said that she is aware of two voters in Precinct 1 _ which covers Istachatta and Nobleton _ who did not receive the proper absentee ballot. Because only Precinct 1 voters will vote on the recreation board referendum, that area has a unique ballot. "We mailed the wrong ballot," she said.

She said the two errors in Istachatta are the only mistakes her office is aware of. Both recipients called to complain about the mistake, Hysell said. "These are the only two calls, and we've mailed 2,600, 2,700 absentee ballots. I think we're doing pretty good," she said.

Both voters will receive the proper ballot. But Winston said that she was afraid other Istachatta-Nobleton voters might have received the wrong ballot and haven't called because they haven't realized it.

Absentee ballots have proved somewhat of a headache for Hysell's office. The ballots for military personnel and other foreign residents had to be reprinted because candidates' names were listed wrong. And Spring Hill's absentee ballots were reprinted because Hysell had listed the race for Spring Hill Fire and Rescue District board incorrectly.