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Challenger triples fund for 2nd bid

In his second attempt to unseat incumbent state Rep. Dick Locke, Paul Hawkes so far has garnered campaign contributions more than tripling the amount he spent in 1988. Much of Hawkes' support comes from state and local Republican party organizations. In addition to the $26,950 in contributions Hawkes has reported, the state GOP has produced for Hawkes two advertisements mailed to voters in District 26, worth about $27,000, county election records show.

In 1988, Hawkes raised about $9,000 and received little help from his party. His 1990 campaign fund still is only about a third the size of his opponent's.

As in past races, much of the $121,000 Locke has raised came from from political action committees (PACs), which contribute heavily to incumbent legislators. Among Locke's supporters are PACs representing the tobacco industry, the beer industry, doctors, home builders and others.

Also, Locke has received widespread financial support from the horse breeding and racing industry, centered in Marion County. District 26 includes Citrus County and part of Marion County.

Hawkes, who has criticized the high percentage of Locke's contributions that come from outside the district and from PACs, also has drawn some PAC contributions, mostly from law enforcement groups.

The state Police Benevolent Association PAC, which has endorsed Hawkes, contributed $1,000 to his campaign. Chapters of the association in Broward and Palm Beach counties also have chipped in.

Hawkes has contributed $12,100 to his own campaign and has received $2,800 from Republican committees in Citrus and Marion counties.

Local party executive committees also have contributed to their respective nominees for County Commission in the two races.

Republican Gary Bartell, running for District 2, has received $500 from the county's Republican Executive Committee. Bartell has contributed $2,650 to his own campaign and has received dozens of smaller contributions from county residents.

His opponent, Democrat John Hodgkins, has received substantial support from local businesses: builders, auto dealerships and developers. Among Hodgkins' contributors are George Rusaw, president of the Citrus County Builders Association; James Sanders, president of Sugarmill Woods Inc.; and the Hollinswood Ranch, the northwestern Citrus County mining and lumber operation.

In the District 4 race, Republican Chester White Sr. continues to wage a largely self-financed campaign, contributing more than $11,000 of the $13,856 he has raised so far.

Democrat Almyr Rooks has raised $14,885, county records show. The Floral City cattleman has received several contributions from various members of his family, who are spread throughout Citrus County.

He also has received support from Rusaw and Inverness lawyers Clark Stillwell, who represents many of the county's land developers, and Joe Brannen and the firm of Brannen, Stillwell & Perrin.