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DOT adds funds to road plan

Published Oct. 18, 2005

State transportation officials have added $7.2-million to their five-year work program to pay for widening a section of State Road 44 in Citrus County. The money is slated to widen to four lanes a section of SR 44 from County Road 486 east about 2.5 miles. It is scheduled to be allocated in 1995-96. The county already plans to widen that portion of SR 44 from CR 486 to County Road 491.

Adding part of that section to the state work program would enable the state Department of Transportation to reimburse the county for its work.

"We're picking up the tab for half of that," DOT spokesman Steve Homan said.

State law allows local governments to construct road projects in the five-year work program sooner than planned by DOT, and then to be reimbursed, he said.

The addition of the SR 44 money is the major new addition to the five-year work program now being drafted by DOT to plan the agency's projects through 1995-96.

DOT also has added money to design the widening of SR 44 east of Inverness, from Gospel Island Road to the Sumter County line. The five-year plan already contains money to design the widening to four lanes of SR 44 from U.S. 41 in Inverness to Gospel Island Road.