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Eddie Fisher says Liz in deep trouble

Entertainer Eddie Fisher says ex-wife Elizabeth Taylor has severe problems and he's "fearful for her." In a television interview with Geraldo Rivera broadcast Wednesday, Fisher said Taylor's problem with drugs is just as bad as when they were married in the early 1960s.

"I was using . . . hardly anything when I was with Elizabeth," he said of his own 37-year addiction to drugs. "I was her nurse for all those years and her problem was tremendous. . . . Whatever her problem was in 1960, it was the same in 1990."

Fisher said his ex-wife's problems are "very, very severe and I feel very fearful for her today."

Taylor's publicist, Chen Sam, said: "There's no comment on what the man's saying. Miss Taylor is doing very well. She's in perfect health."

Taylor and Fisher married in May 1959. She left him and married Richard Burton in May 1964.

Queen to see D.C.

Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, will make a state visit to Washington in May at the invitation of President Bush.

The couple is likely to visit other parts of the United States, but details were not yet available, a Buckingham Palace spokesman said.

The royal couple last visited the United States together in 1983.

A safety net

Two days after John F. Kennedy Jr. took the New York bar exam for the third time, he covered himself by taking Connecticut's bar exam.

Sadie Green of the Connecticut Board of Bar Examiners confirmed that Kennedy took the test, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

Connecticut's test is reputed to be easier than New York's, the newspaper said.

Kennedy, 29, took the New York exam July 24 and the Connecticut exam on July 26.

Results for both exams could be announced as early as Friday.

Short and sharp

White House chief of staff John Sununu (5'9") has been named to the 10 Best-Dressed Shorter Men in America list ("shorter" means that they're not really "short," just "shorter" than overgrown guys of 5'10" or so).

Sununu was selected to the list by Bob Stern, president of Short Sizes Inc. of Cleveland, who noted that the former New Hampshire governor is "a power dresser. He's worn mustard-colored suits, which I don't really care for.

"But when it comes to image and camouflaging his rather generous stomach, he never beats around the bush."

The other honorees are Tom Cruise (5'9"), Billy Joel(5'7"), Robert Morse (5'7"), former gymnast Bart Conner(5'6"), TV handyman Bob Vila (5'8"), Cleveland Mayor Michael White (5'7"), Tom Wolfe (5'8"), Michael J. Fox(5'5") and Danny DeVito(5'1").

Et cetera . . .

Marilyn Quayle and her children welcomed trick-or-treaters at the vice president's mansion in Washington again this Halloween night from 6:30 to 7:30, but if any parents thought they were going to get a close look at the family residence, forget it. All adults had to wait for their children at the gate.

Harold Evans, who quit as editor of the Times of London after repeated fights with publisher Rupert Murdoch, has a new job as head of the company that plans to publish Murdoch's memoirs.

Evans was named publisher of Random House, the largest U.S. publisher of general interest books, replacing Joni Evans in one of the most prestigious positions in the book world.

Former child star Adam Rich of the television series Eight is Enough pleaded innocent Wednesday in Los Angeles to two counts of drunken driving.