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Ex-Gator Maxwell reports to Rockets

Houston Rockets guard Vernon Maxwell has ended his month-long contract holdout and rejoined the team. "I think there is a recognition on both sides that Vernon is a good player and wants to be playing basketball," Rockets general manager Steve Patterson said.

Maxwell returned to the team Tuesday night in Springfield, Mass., where the Rockets lost their final exhibition game, 113-104 to the Detroit Pistons.

Maxwell has two years remaining on his contract, which will pay him a base of $200,000 this season.

Maxwell, obtained from the San Antonio Spurs last season, wanted his contract renegotiated.

"At the end of the year, we'll sit down and talk," Patterson said.

Maxwell was being fined $300 for each missed practice and $1,000 for each missed preseason game. Patterson said there had been no discussions on whether the fines would be rescinded.

New medication works for Nuggets' Jackson

DENVER _ A change in medication for Denver Nuggets rookie Chris Jackson to control Tourette's Syndrome is working and he should be back within two weeks.

Jackson, the third player chosen in the NBA draft, was placed on the injured reserve list Monday and will miss the first five games of the regular season.

Jackson, a high-scoring guard from LSU, was hospitalized Sunday while doctors ran several tests to determine why he was so sluggish on the court.

Team physician Dr. Allan Schreiber concluded that Jackson's play has been slowed "dramatically" by one of two prescription drugs he has been taking to combat Tourette's Syndrome, a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary muscle movements, uncontrollable vocal sounds and inappropriate words.

Wingate indicted

A San Antonio grand jury indicted San Antonio Spurs guard David Wingate on Wednesday on a charge of sexual assault.

He is charged with a June 24 attack of a woman at Wingate's San Antonio apartment.