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Profit not purpose of hockey exhibition

Published Oct. 18, 2005

The Florida Suncoast Dome recently served as host for a National Hockey League exhibition game. It was alleged that the game broke all attendance records. Wonderful.

Please provide your readers with the net profit realized from this event (considering the extra expense for freezing ice on the arena floor, police on duty, traffic control, etc.). Certainly the city should have to account to concerned taxpayers for the net profit or loss.

J. K.

Response: The attendance at this exhibition hockey game, according to Dome general manager Jerry Oliver, was 25,581. The city's net profit for the event, he said, was about $36,000. (The Tampa Bay Hockey League paid for the ice.)

According to Oliver, the city's motive in serving as host for this game was not to make a profit but to find out whether there was enough support in the community to attract a hockey franchise.

In that respect the game was a smashing success, he said.

IRS says 1987 form

never was received

I filed an Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return in April for 1987. Since then I have written several times to Atlanta but have received no response.

My main concern is whether they have processed it and, if so, could they have sent the refund check to my former address. If such was the case, my ex-wife would have received it, and if she cashed it would have had to forge my signature because I have not lived there for more than a year.

You folks are a blessing in disguise and I am turning to you to see if you can get any answers.

Alvin Read

Response: The Internal Revenue Service tells us it has no record of an amended form being applied for 1987 or any other year on your tax returns. Consequently, you will have to submit another signed copy for processing.

Former boarder charges

landlord for classified ad

I just received a bill from the St. Petersburg Times for a painting/carpentry advertisement that I did not put in the newspaper and for which I should not be held responsible.

I called the Times a month ago when I first was billed. I explained that the man who ran the ad lived in this house but left three weeks ago. Can you help me get this bill out of my name?



Response: The Times' classified customer service manager says your former boarder placed five ads in your name. When you called to complain, four of them were transferred to his name but, unfortunately, the fifth bill was not and was sent to you again.

They apologize for this oversight and are correcting the problem.

Incidentally, your former boarder has struck again. He has charged another ad to someone else's name and address.

Consumer says letters

to company are ignored

We bought a Tappan microwave oven at K mart in October 1988. It came with a one-year warranty.

In June 1989, I sent a $57 check for a two-year extension on the service contract.

A month or so later I received a bill. I sent a copy of my service contract telling them I already had renewed it.

This year I got another notice for a new contract. It also said there would be a $20 deductible to be paid for each call. My two-year contract said nothing about a deductible.

Again, I sent a copy of my contract with comments but they completely ignored my letter and sent another statement.

Since I never have called for service I think they should refund my second year that would expire in October 1991. Then I'll forget Tappan and if I have a problem I'll just buy a different brand and advise my friends to do the same.

Thanks for anything you can do with this company.

Mrs. Glen Whitehurst

Response: White Consolidated Industries, which sold you your service contract, says that upon checking they found that you do, indeed, have a valid service contract good until October 1991 and that your contract was paid in full.

They say they have straightened out your billing problem.

They say nothing about straightening out the problem of ignoring consumer letters.

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