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Teen survives ordeal after car accident

Family, friends and local police spent nearly three days searching for Jean Anne Kelleher. Miss Kelleher spent those three days without food or water, trapped in her car, then later crawling, dragging her broken body from the wreckage of the vehicle in the underbrush off Louisiana Highway 2.

The 17-year-old, with a broken arm, broken ankle, several cuts and bruises and suffering from dehydration and exposure, finally made it back to the highway, where she was spotted by motorists Tuesday afternoon.

She had been missing since Saturday night. Unconscious for a time, later barely able to move, she spent two days in the tangled wreckage of her car. When she freed herself, it took her hours to cross the 160 feet between her and the highway.

The first things she asked for were a big glass of water and a baked potato.

She underwent surgery for her broken ankle late Tuesday in a Shreveport hospital, where she also was treated for her other injuries. She was in stable condition Wednesday.

The Oil City teen-ager was driving home from a friend's house in Vivian, La., Saturday night, her aunt Gloria Anthony told the Times of Shreveport. After leaving Vivian, Miss Kelleher decided to drive to Trees City to meet her mother, who was visiting friends there.

"But she saw how late it was and decided to turn around," her mother, Debra Kelleher, told the paper. "She has a 1 a.m. curfew, and she never misses her curfew. If she is going to be late, she always calls."