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There are no liberals running for the House District 62 seat this year. Instead, the contest to represent southeast Hillsborough County is between a long-entrenched conservative Democrat and a young Republican challenger who portrays himself as even more conservative.

The incumbent, S. L. "Spud" Clements of Brandon, prides himself on being a full-time lawmaker who is always available to his constituents and even to Florida residents who live outside his district.

He is a 62-year-old retired state trooper with a list of state bills and committee memberships to his credit, including time on the Regulated Industries, Natural Resources and Commerce committees.

But Chris Corr, the Republican, says Clements is ineffective in Tallahassee and does not secure enough state money for his district. To that argument, Clements counters that he has secured $11-million for a new Hillsborough Community College campus in Brandon.

Corr, 27, has mounted an anti-incumbent campaign against Clements with the theme "Enough is enough."

Corr is anti-tax, arguing for "zero-based budgeting" in the state government and better economic development to boost revenues. He says child abuse cases should be handled by the police and that the state Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services has "grown too large and is using up too much of our state budget."

Corr was born in Lansing, Mich., and educated at the University of Florida. He is business manager for Frandorson Properties, his family's real estate company, which developed most of Apollo Beach.

He has solicited votes during a walking tour of the district.

Clements says he campaigns "every day by doing my job." He takes credit for having passed bills on such issues as child custody and concealed weapons. He has been endorsed by the Hillsborough County Police Benevolent Association.



State House District 62 is southeast Hillsborough, including Brandon, Gibsonton, Riverview, Ruskin and Sun City Center. House members serve two-year terms and are paid $22,560 a year.


S. L. "SPUD" CLEMENTS, 62, of Brandon was born in Tampa and spent 27 years with the Florida Highway Patrol before going into politics. He is running for his sixth term in the House. He has received awards from law enforcement associations and has sponsored legislation on police standards and concealed weapons. He is married and has five children. ASSETS: Home, certificates of deposit. LIABILITIES: Mortgage, bank loans. INCOME: Florida Highway Patrol pension, legislator's salary.


CHRIS CORR, 27, of Apollo Beach was born in Lansing, Mich., and attended the University of Florida. He is business manager for Frandorson Properties, his family's real estate company. He is a director of the Apollo Beach Chamber of Commerce, president-elect of the Ruskin/Apollo Beach Rotary Club and founder and chairman of the Apollo Beach Economic Development Council. He is married and has a daughter. ASSETS: House, real estate. LIABILITIES: Mortgage, bank loans. INCOME: Salary.