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Published Oct. 18, 2005

A proposal to cut the mayor's pay and begin paying town commissioners tops a list of three referendums before Redington Beach voters this year. The other ballot questions would allow the city to regulate home businesses and would set the same standards for construction materials throughout the town.

The mayor earns $200 a month, while town commissioners get a nominal $1 a year. Under the proposed charter change, the mayor would make $100 a month, and commissioners would be paid $50 a month.

Commissioner Scott Wilson, who is up for re-election this year, introduced the pay-raise question. He says the money would be a small token of thanks for their time.

"No one is going to choose to serve the town simply because they're going to get $100 or $50 for doing the job," he said. "They ought to have some recognition from the town for that service."

Commissioner Charlene Palin, who is running for mayor, opposes the increase. She says the town can't afford it.

"If I do get elected mayor, I'll donate my salary back to the town," she said. "I'm just used to serving at a dollar a year."

The second ballot question would amend the zoning code to let the town regulate home occupations. It would allow home businesses that employ only the occupants and do not alter the character of the home.

For instance, Palin said, a resident could not make crafts and sell them at home. But they could make crafts at home to sell at another location.

"We're not really concerned with what people do in their homes, as long as it does not disturb anyone outside their home," Wilson said.

The third question concerns updating the standards for construction materials in one of the town's districts, so the same standards apply throughout town.

Also, residents of single-family homes would be permitted to add a second story of frame construction if they meet certain fire standards.