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The search for sauces ends here

If it's sauces you want, it's sauces you will get from a new mail-order company, Spectacular Sauces. Created by two Virginia businessmen, Spectacular Sauces has compiled an interesting array of unusual and hard-to-find sauces that will intrigue adventuresome palates.

The challenge, however, will be in narrowing the choices _ there are 12 kinds of barbecue sauces, 13 different mustards and 16 of the hottest hot sauces the businessmen could find.

Then there are jams and jellies (14), chutneys (five), salsas (nine) and dessert toppings (eight).

The Orange and Hot! Mustard from Middlesex Farm in Connecticut is a delightfully sharp but sweet mixture not to be missed.

The rich and spicy Kicker Ketchup makes one realize that there is more to ketchup than Heinz.

There is also a lot more to salad dressings, as is immediately clear from the citrus-laced Hibiscus Vinaigrette.

Then there's the hot and tangy Autentica Salsa Chipotle, with large chunks of tomatoes, fresh coriander and smoked chipotle peppers.

It's no wonder it's the company's best-selling salsa.

For a catalog of the sauces, write P.O. Box 30010, Alexandria, Va. 22310, or call (800) 999-4949.