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Five elected to Security Council

The General Assembly on Thursday elected five new members of the Security Council, but they are not expected to shift the balance of power significantly. The new members, which serve a two-year term beginning Jan. 1, are Austria and Belgium, replacing outgoing members Canada and Finland; Zimbabwe, replacing Ethiopia; India, replacing Malaysia; and Ecuador, replacing Colombia.Communism will recover _ Honecker

LONDON _ Former East German leader Erich Honecker said in a published interview that his countrymen are becoming aware of the rights and social services they have lost, and he predicted that communism will recover. "In the end I will be seen to have been right," Honecker was quoted as saying in today's edition of The European newspaper. Honecker, interviewed in his small flat in a Soviet military hospital compound outside Berlin, expressed no fear of facing criminal charges. Honecker, whose communist regime was toppled in 1989, said it had been "a great disappointment for me that so many people have forgotten socialism and turned to the D-mark instead."

Elsewhere . . .

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa _ A mild earthquake caused a rock slide in a gold mine, killing one miner and trapping four others working 1{ miles underground, officials said.

SAO PAULO, Brazil _ Chief Celestino, leader of Brazil's Chavante Indians, was officially reported to have been murdered but is alive, Brazil's Indian agency said.

HANOI, Vietnam _ The Vietnamese government, responding to a U.S. Senate report, denied Thursday it was holding any American soldiers prisoner from the Vietnam War that ended 15 years ago.

JERUSALEM _ Israeli archaeologists said Thursday they had discovered rare coins, bronze figurines and ancient bathing accessories scattered amid the sunken ruins of a 1,900-year-old Roman ship.

BEIJING _ Forestry workers recently spotted a Manchurian tiger and cub in the wild, ending a three-year controversy over whether the animal has survived in China's forests, the Xinhua news agency reported. Only 30 were left by the early 1980s.

NAIROBI, Kenya _ The central African country of Rwanda claimed victory Thursday, saying loyalist troops had defeated rebels who invaded from Uganda a month ago.

MUNICH, Germany _ Thousands of drivers spent the night stuck in a 120-mile-long traffic jam on the autobahn between Nuremberg and Berlin.