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School shows art entries

Martha Taylor, media specialist at the Pinellas Technical Education Centers (PTEC), Clearwater campus, has organized a new student-teacher recognition project and solved a "bare walls" problem in the school's media center. Ms. Taylor invited students and faculty at PTEC to enter an art show and displayed the works in the media center.

"Martha dreamed up the idea, and she organized it," said Pat McLain, information specialist for PTEC. "It's a way to have a good variety of art on the walls at all times."

Ms. Taylor, who has been at the Clearwater campus of PTEC since 1982, plans to have two art shows each year.

"We're just thinking spring and fall," she said. "The next one is tentatively set for the month before spring break."

Paintings, drawings and three-dimensional art entered in the show are on display at the center through Thanksgiving, she said.

There were 67 entries in the show. Winners were as follows:

Painting: First place went to Bill Castleman, a commercial art instructor from St. Petersburg Beach, for Sailboat. Castleman studied at the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota.

Second place went to Charlotte Stillwell, a guidance counselor from Clearwater, for House on the Riviera. Stillwell took continuing education classes in art at St. Petersburg Junior College.

Third place went to Clarence Sprecher, an air-conditioning instructor from Seminole, for Egret. Sprecher has had no formal training in art.

Drawing: Castleman also took first place in this category with a self-portrait.

Scott A. Rose of Pinellas Park, son of former school Superintendent Scott Rose and a student in the architectural drafting department at PTEC, placed second with a drawing titled Warrior. Rose is self-taught.

Dan Byrkit of Seminole, a commercial art student at Seminole Vocational Education Center, placed third with a geometric drawing.

Three-dimensional Art: First place went to Kay Klosterman, an interior design student, art teacher and craft shop owner from Palm Harbor, for her version of a denim jacket.

Second place went to Jeanne Lamoureux, a financial aid specialist from Largo, for a court jester costume. Lamoureux was taught at home and through home economics classes.

Third place went to Bob Urbaniak, a precision machine student from St. Petersburg, for his metal sculpture. Urbaniak studied welding and sculpting in high school.

Steve Cook, a commercial art student from St. Petersburg, won Best of Show for his drawing of a parrot. Cook studied art at Dixie Hollins High.

A Special Achievement award went to Joe Guerriero, a commercial art instructor from Clearwater, for a stippling in oils. Guerriero studied at the Brooklyn College of Visual Arts.

Judges for the show were Beth Willson, an interior design teacher at PTEC; Jon Donovan, an art instructor at Seminole Community School; and Terry Murphy, a graphic artist with the Cooperative Extension Service.

The media center at the Clearwater campus of PTEC is open to the public from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. every weekday and from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Mondays and Tuesdays.