FBI says arrest in Norfolk bombs near; no terrorist link

Published Feb. 8, 1991|Updated Oct. 12, 2005

The FBI has identified a suspect in Monday's discovery of six pipe bombs attached to two giant chemical storage tanks near Norfolk Naval Base in Norfolk, Va., according to sources. FBI agents expect to soon arrest a man who Justice Department sources say isn't connected to any terrorist group inspired by the Iraqi war, the sources say. The investigation into who placed the bombs on giant methanol tanks at Allied Marine Terminal, Inc., five miles from the naval base, sparked widespread fear of war-related terrorism.NASA to create light show

WASHINGTON _ Clouds of barium and lithium will light the sky twice in the next two weeks as NASA and the Air Force conclude experiments to study the Earth's magnetic fields. NASA said opportunities to release one canister of each gas will be on the nights of Feb. 9, 11, 13, 16 and the morning of Feb. 19. If conditions are right, the gas will produce a light show of green and purple that can be seen in the United States and parts of Canada, Central America, the Caribbean, Western Europe and Western Africa. The new releases can be seen generally 40 to 60 degrees east of the constellation Orion.

Federal audit clears Stanford

WASHINGTON _ A federal audit has cleared Stanford University of allegations it overcharged the government as much as $200-million and had a "cozy relationship" with Navy officials. The inspector general of the Chief of Naval Research office said a six-month investigation of Stanford's indirect research costs did not uncover "factual evidence of overpayments," and there was "no apparent partiality" toward Stanford by the Naval management staff. However, the federal review did pinpoint a number of flaws in audit procedures, billing and pricing rates and urged immediate corrections.

Elsewhere . . .

SALT LAKE CITY _ A bill introduced in Utah would legalize peyote for use by Indians in religious ceremonies.

HOUSTON _ Two men were killed and another injured in an explosion Thursday at an oil storage facility in western Fort Bend County, about 25 miles southwest of Houston, authorities said.

NEW YORK _ A New York state court Thursday threw out tax evasion charges lodged against hotel queen Leona Helmsley because she already was convicted on similar federal charges in 1989.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. _ The administration of Gov. Bruce Sundlun plans to furlough workers by ordering state government to "shut down" for a total of 10 days between March and June 30, an official said Wednesday.

NEW YORK _ Two young white men were acquitted Thursday on charges stemming from the 1989 racial slaying of a black teen-ager in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bensonhurst.