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Editorial's call for statewide tailpipe tests is ridiculous

Editor: I have 32 years of automotive quality control experience and retired as a quality control manager who also had responsibility for assuring government tailpipe standards on vehicles going to California. Your recent editorial that all Florida counties should have tailpipe tests is ridiculous and shows only too well your paper's desire to jump on any liberal movement. Last week it was, "How wonderful, we will have a task force in the bay area for air quality." More money spent, right?

Here are some facts to quantify the vast, horrendous problem in our area.

1. Old cars make up the biggest part of the problem. 50,000,000 do not meet today's standards. 1990 models emit one-seventh the carbon monoxide, hydrogen chloride and nitrogen oxide emitted by cars built in 1974 or earlier. More than 31,000,000 1979 models or older contribute to most of the problem.

2. These National Ambient Air Quality Standards (EPA standards) for ozone, 0.12 per million, are over one hour: Los Angeles, 137.5; Baltimore, 10.7; Pittsburgh, 7.0; Cleveland, 5.2; South Bend, Ind., 1.1; Tampa, St. Petersburg and bay area, 1.4!

Arthur R. Croci

Spring Hill

Are school officials

ignoring character?

Editor: On Oct. 18, 1990, I mailed an open letter to candidates for the Hernando County School Board and sent a copy to the editor of the Hernando Times. The subject was the Character Education Program approved by the School Board in April 1987. The Hernando Times printed the letter on Oct. 29, 1990. I did not receive a reply from the School Board and am not aware of any reply to the public.

On Dec. 5, 1990, I mailed a letter to the School Board, again asking for an investigation and report to the public on their Character Education Program. I did not receive a reply from the School Board and am not aware of any reply to the public.

On Feb. 14, 1991, I mailed a letter to your editor, which was printed on Feb. 23. The letter again was about the school's program asking, "Who actually has been in charge of this program? How do the teachers feel about it? How do the students feel about it? What has been the net result of the program? Doesn't the school superintendent feel the public is entitled to a detailed report in writing?"

I did not receive a reply from the School Board and am not aware of any reply to the public.

On March, 13, 1991, the Hernando Times printed an editorial relating to programs to improve student health. Superintendent Dan McIntyre was quoted as saying, "My personal opinion is that it's not an educational issue; it's a moral issue."

Can you believe it? We have a school superintendent who doesn't believe our children should be taught proper conduct, when our country is crumbling for lack of decent behavior and concern for others!

Webster's dictionary defines the word "moral" as "dealing with or capable of making the distinction between right and wrong in conduct."

Is this why McIntyre hasn't given any answers about the school's Character Education Program and continues to be at odds with the School Board who initiated the program?

Ken Brownlow

Spring Hill

Leave Glidewell's

hair, beard alone

Editor: I am writing in answer to B. Koegel's letter to the editor.

I, personally, welcome the breath of fresh air that Jan Glidewell's column in this, as he so aptly puts it, land of the armadillos. There is much need of his particular brand of humor to combat the dour and prejudiced view of life that many of my fellow residents seem to have.

Mr. Glidewell's "Santa Claus beard and long hair" seem to greatly bother Mr. or Ms. Koegel. Could there be a deep-rooted psychological reason? I would think that a little more tolerance is called for and that a person should not be castigated for having hair in abundance any more than for being clean-shaven and possibly bald.

Please enjoy life to the fullest every day, B. Koegel, and let not petty annoyances rob you of one moment of joy. Peace to you, my friend.

Edgar H. Althouse

Spring Hill