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New fees in effect at state parks today

New entrance fees go into effect today at Fort Cooper State Park, Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park and Crystal River State Archaeological Site. The fees at Fort Cooper will be $3.25 for each car containing up to eight people, park officials said. It will cost $1 for each additional passenger and $1 for bicyclers and walkers. The new fees also provide a 50 percent discount for people with food stamp cards.

Fort Cooper's camping fees will increase $1 to $3 for adults. The $2 fee will remain for children 17 and younger.

Daily passes at Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park will remain $6.95 plus tax for adults and $3.95 plus tax for children. The annual season-pass will cost $16.50 plus tax for each adult, up from $11.50, and $11.50 plus tax for each child, up from $7.98. The charge to enter Crystal River Archaeological Site will increase from $1 to $2 a vehicle.

The higher fees, approved April 23 by Gov. Lawton Chiles and the Cabinet, are expected to raise $3.3-millionto run Florida's 113 parks, said Susan Clark, an assistant to the director of the Division of Recreation and Parks.