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"Terrific kids' named at Brooksville

Brooksville Elementary School students recently named "Terrific Kid of the Month" for March and April are: kindergarten, Jamie Foster, Jennifer Wong, Brosnan Johnson, Laura Guin, Crystal Heredia, Sara Tarabichi, Juan Lopez and Laketa Byrd; first grade, Tiffany Brownell, April Brown, Eric Clark, Marcus Covell, Dionne Mobley, Natasha Roache, Adam Burton, Angelina Sanchez, Ray Mobley, Bryan Parrott, Lea Mills and Theresa Flaspeter; second grade, Samuel Shearer, Christina Link, Jason Fiesman, Julia Castillo, Israel Cruz, Christina Salgado, Jordon Smith, Haley Booth, Derrick Mobley, Morgan Williams, Ronnie O'Neal, T.J. Carter, Karla Hoover, Rory Steele and Brittney Wheeles; third grade, Roger Daugherty, Meenal Patel, Nitacha Pridemore, Jonathan Gant, David Smith, Jacob Merritt, Harley Lake, Joe Waddy, Antonio Rivera, Jonathan Ferrigno, Shalamar McNair, Shae Peck, Craig Nutt, Alex Magbee, Rockey Chaney and William Gravely; fourth grade, Michelle Webb, Janelle Read, Ginger Rasmussen, Richard Daniels, Bobbie Jo Nelson, Beau Wolf, Chad Broshears, Rachel Link, Janel Brown and Chris Brewer; and fifth grade, Amy Everett, Justin Pease, Desiree Headley, Rebecca Deisenroth, Angela Cook, Anisha Everett, Bethany Pridemore, Wendi Covell, Theresa Smiley, Mindy Johns and Josh Pinto.Powell pupils compete

in knowledge contest

Fourteen Powell Middle School students who recently competed in the spring "Knowledge Master Open" are Jason Costa, Kelly Cramer, Mary Etrych, Kenny Miller, Michelle Demeter, Karen Kuhn, Amanda Blazer, David Colvin, Kristy Connolly, Kelly Erickson, David Kuka, Jennifer Smith, Rich Sturges and Stacie Vincenzo. The competition, which lasted three hours, consisted of 200 multiple choice questions covering American history, world history, government, current events, economics and law, geography, literature, English, math, physical science, biology, Earth science, health and psychology, arts and music. Students received points on speed and accuracy.

Springstead students

collect Eagle awards

Springstead High School students recently given awards at the Eagle Recognition for Positive Improvement Awards Ceremony are: ninth grade, Anna Arusztowicz, Pat Bulik, Kristen Cheesman, Terrence Clark, Anastasia Dietze, William Gaither, James Gallagher, James Hale, Vincent Hopper, Lorrie Kenneke, Ryan Kolwicz, Tara Mahoney, Nicole Manti, Larry Moyer, John Pavone, Dawn Rickard, Mike Rodier, Jessica Rodriguez, Anna Scheffler, Julissa Soto, Chris Spatola, Nikke Strat, Bethany Thomas, Terrence Thomas, Manuel Torres, Brian Walker and Gerald Zelaya; 10th grade, Micah Akins, Debbie Borg, David Chavez, Susan Cochran, Kara Fleming, Tim Straub, Sarah Witt and Sarah Yeager; 11th grade, Mike Eberts, James Fifield and Jason Torres; and 12th grade, Joann Bartina, Kristine Bauer, Tamara Bronisz, Matt Delgado, Christine LaGarde and Sean Overa. These students were honored for their improvement in attitude and grades.