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Cubs found scapegoat in Zimmer

If Jim Frey would look inward, he would admit publicly that he failed to give Don Zimmer a centerfielder, a third baseman and a catcher, to say nothing of starting pitchers. You can't play baseball above .500 with only five good players, let alone win a pennant. I'd like to start a campaign to hire Zim as Tampa Bay's manager.

Gene Ingle, Clearwater

Money matters to AL

May I call this the quote of the decade? "Maybe I'm naive. It's just money." So uttered baseball commissioner Fay Vincent when commenting on whether to allocate a portion of the National League's $190-million franchise payment _ I call it "extortion" money _ to the American League.

Naive or not, and regardless of how lightly he attempts to treat the decision, expect fireworks one way or another. One can expect the American League to start its own expansion plans (if not already in the works) now that the AL knows "it's just money." Agreed?

Edward G. DiPanni,


Misleading dollar figures

I agree with Tommy Bolt that statistics on money leaders in the PGA and Seniors tours are not true indicators of a golfer's ability. By that reasoning, a golfer could win one tournament for a million dollars and be better than a golfer who won two majors and three others.

Jack Campbell,

St. Petersburg

Winning colors

Re: The color of Buccaneers uniforms. I bet those who really care about the Bucs care more about victories than the color of the team's cloth. Go watch the Orlando boys of the WLAF in their lime/chartreuse jerseys. I, for one, like the Bucs' beautiful Florida orange. The color would be a big hit if multitudes of victories went with it.

Joseph Hill, Largo

Fun times with the Bucs

I commend the Buccaneers organization for last weekend's Family Fun Fest. I was able to get autographs from about 18 Bucs. It was nice. The players (Testaverde, McCants, Carrier, et al) took the time to sign and chat. Seeing Joe Namath there was a thrill, too.

Yvonne E. Nowak,

Pinellas Park