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Cicciolina weds: Clutching white flowers and dressed like a virgin, the Hungarian-born Italian porn star known as Cicciolina married American sculptor Jeff Koons on Saturday in Budapest, Hungary. "I really had jitters, I trembled. I'm never so nervous during my shows," Ilona Staller, 39, said afterward.

Police barred crowds from Budapest's main registry office and then from a Lutheran church, letting in only relatives and close friends.

Staller was dressed in a tight-fitting, pearl-decorated white dress. Koons was in a dark suit.

Cicciolina, meaning "little fleshy one" in Italian, emigrated to Italy from Budapest and got her popular name with X-rated shows. She later won a seat in the Italian parliament after a breast-baring campaign.

Taxing songs: Willie Nelson is hoping his latest album, Who'll Buy My Memories?: The IRS Tapes, will sell 3-million copies and solve his tax troubles.

The country singer, who owes the Internal Revenue Service $17-million in back taxes, interest and penalties, will receive royalties of $6 for each copy of the album being released Monday.

"Three-million copies will give me $18-million, and I'll have a million to go get drunk with," he said.

The album is being sold through telephone orders only.

Turner turns to books: Ted Turner, already the owner of sports teams and a television network, is trying to widen his audience further by going into book publishing.

Hitting the shelves Saturday was War in the Gulf, a history of the war published by the new Turner Publishing Inc.

The book, written by Thomas Allen, F. Clifton Berry and Norman Polmar, recounts the events leading up to the war and the war itself.